Twinkie the Kid dancing to Christine and the Queens (@queenschristine) 😾 πŸ™‰

❀️ LOVE ❀️
I discovered this insanely elevated French artist via this song’s amazing video, and have since scoured through ALL of her music and videos because holy shit she’s next level.

🀘🏼 WHO & WHERE 🀘🏼
HΓ©loΓ―se Letissier (stagename Christine and the Queens) is an artist from Nantes, France.

πŸ”₯ CRED πŸ”₯
Secret is out (especially in Europe) about her, with 20M+ streams on a number of tracks and a highly anticipated tour this Fall that includes a few major US cities. Be sure to peep her most recent release video, 5 Dollars as well.

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