A Philly kid outdancing Kevin Hart & an old white man to Dirty Nice (@dirtynice_exe) 🎺🎺

❤️ LOVE ❤️
Lots to love here; the keys to open the mood, the horns to back it up, and the overall latin influence is just spectacular. It’s also a duo flexing their sound beyond previous tracks, IMO in a very good way.

🤘🏼 WHO & WHERE 🤘🏼
Dirty Nice is up to this point very secretive, but assumed to be a production duo from the UK.

🔥 CRED 🔥
Their releases last year all garnered a decent amount of attention, with Keeping It Together bagging 1.2M Spotify streams. It's all a pleasure to listen to, but this track for me is a much stronger release than previous ones. 

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